Study Finds that Latinos Just Don't Like Guns

Latinos in America are much more likely to favor gun control than are whites or African Americans, a new study found. Only 29% of Latinos are in favor of gun rights, whereas 57% of whites rally behind the 2nd amendment.

While many of us might not be thrilled to hear that so many Latinos want stricter gun control, it is somewhat understandable. Back in 2007, 68% of all Hispanic gun deaths were the result of homicide. With such high gun-related homicide rates, it’s no surprise that they’ve fostered negative attitudes towards guns. On top of all that, Mexico and many South American countries endure gun violence at the hands of drug cartels.

This study demonstrates that the gun control debate isn’t always an issue of politics. People on one side of the fence are generally in favor of gun rights, but when your people are the victims of frequent gun violence — both here in the States and back in your home country — it doesn’t really matter what your political affiliations are. You’re probably going to end up being wary of guns.

This means that gun control advocates will have to come up with new ways to promote their beliefs if they really want to win over the Latino population. Latinos are the fastest growing minority group in America, so getting their support can make the difference in the voting booth. More than anything else, we need to come up with a way to change how Latinos perceive guns.

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