Hipster Filmmakers Poach Two Deer for Movie

Hipsters poached two deer in New York countryside during the filming of an artsy indie film because they thought it would make a good scene.

This stunt is landing them in hot water with the New York State Department of Environmentalism Conservation. Not only did they lack the required hunting license, but this was also done outside of deer season

Ben Dickinson, the director of the film, said “There were so many deer weak from the winter and getting eaten by local dogs we didn’t even think about it.” For some reason, they thought that shooting a couple of deer would do wonders for an already struggling population. After all, the whole point of having deer seasons and regulated hunting licenses is to prevent the over-hunting of species, especially during seasons when they are particularly fragile.

You want to know what the ironic thing is? The film, First Winter, focuses on a bunch of (for lack of a better description) liberal hipsters who give up their lives of yoga and tofu when an apocalyptic event forces them to survive in the wild. Much of the film’s tension is supposed to stem from the fact that none of the characters have a clue what they’re doing in the wilderness. In the world of cinema, we believe that’s called “foreshadowing.”

Dickinson and Paul Manza, the actor who pulled the trigger, are looking at a mixed bag. On the one hand, the film is receiving quite a bit of hype. On the other, penalties for poaching the deer could range from a $2,000 fine to imprisonment. Still, Dickinson was willing to admit, “We are idiots.”

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