Homemade Sign Promises Bullets for Intruders

A homemade sign posted in a West Seattle neighborhood warns, “WELCOME CRIMINALS! LOADED GUNS ARE WAITIN.”

This sign takes a much more dramatic approach to those Neighborhood Watch postings, though homeowners here will probably still be keeping their (iron) sights on suspicious strangers. 

This pair of signs is almost as funny as it is intimidating, but in all likelihood it will actually help to deter crimes. The much more conventional Neighborhood Watch signs, when backed up with a community that reports suspicious activity, have been found to reduce crime rates. Theoretically, that principle should also apply to this homemade sign, assuming of course that the poster is willing to make good on his promise.  

What we find most interesting about this sign is that it went up just recently in the last few days of April. With all of the Florida news buzz, you have to read this sign in context. There is an unspoken message that goes with this warning: “I don’t care about the Trayvon Martin case. I will still shoot you if you try something.” It’s heartwarming to see that just because one guy in Florida got a little bit trigger happy, that doesn’t mean the rest of the nation needs to put down their guns when legitimate criminals try to break in. 

Kudos, mystery Seattle gun owner, and more power to you. Criminals tend to fall on the dumber side of the bell curve, but we’re pretty sure that even the most desperate criminals would think again if they saw this sign.

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