Cutting Red Tape: NH Considers Removing Gun Licenses

The Senate will be voting on a bill that will largely remove the need to have a gun permit for a concealed handgun in most New Hampshire locations where gun possession is legal, anyway. The new bill will be cutting away with a bit of redundancy and unnecessary red tape for NH citizens.

It’s a fairly logical step to take. If it’s already legal for a NH resident to own a gun in his home, why should he be required to get a gun permit for something that’s already permitted? If passed, this bill will make gun permits optional rather than mandatory in New Hampshire.

We know what you’re thinking: if it’s optional, what’s the point of getting a permit? Gun owners who plan to take their gun over state lines will still need to get a gun permit, as other states with reciprocal gun permit laws will require and honor NH gun permits.

As you might expect, this new bill will also affect gun sales. The bill will make the sale of unlicensed guns legal in New Hampshire.

As great as this bill is, don’t get your hopes up. New Hampshire governor John Lynch promised to veto the bill if it ever makes it to his desk. We’re not sure which portion of the bill he’s against, or if he’s simply pro-redundancy.

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