RFK Assassination Witness: "There Was a Second Gunman"

A key witness in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination is making waves by claiming that there was a second shooter. That’s a little bit late, isn’t it?

Nina Rhodes-Hughes, an actress who was several feet away from RFK when he was assassinated in 1968, is now attempting to come out with the full truth about the shooting. Rhodes says that there was a second shooter to her right, and that there were closer to 12 or 14 shots fired rather than eight. 

Evidently, Rhodes did not learn until just recently that the authorities misrepresented her testimony in court. Rhodes claims, “I never said eight shots. I never, never said it.”

The lawyers of Sirhan Sirhan, the man originally convicted of the murder of RFK, are attempting to reopen the case. His lawyers are filing a challenge to the verdict, claiming that the authorities were conspiring throughout the case. In any event, Sirhan lawyers probably won’t make much progress. Even if there was a second shooter, Sirhan was still found to be guilty of the crime. All this new information means is that Sirhan might be getting a new cellmate to help him serve his life sentence. 

Now, more than four decades after that tragic day, it’s difficult to say for certain whether or not this mysterious second shooter will be brought to justice, or if there ever really was a second shooter at all. Did Sirhan Sirhan really work alone, or did the authorities handling the RFK misreport evidence and let a guilty man walk free for more than forty years?

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