Deranged Assailant Brings Knife to a Gun Fight

A vicious stabbing spree last Thursday was ended by a fearless citizen with a concealed handgun.

According to eye witnesses, a man who was shopping at a Salt Lake City marketplace purchased a knife, and then immediately began attacking those around him at random. The suspect seriously wounded at least two people, stabbing one in the stomach, head, and arms. 

Before the man could assault any others, another citizen at the store pulled out a gun and pointed it at the knife-wielding attacker, ordering him to drop his weapon or be shot. The suspect did the only thing he could: he dropped his knife.

Store employees immediately seized the assailant. The police arrived to arrest the attacker, and congratulated the gun owner for undoubtedly saving lives, saying, “He was definitely in the right place at the right time.” 

The shoppers suffering from knife wounds were rushed to the hospital and were in critical condition, though we have no further word of their status. It’s hard to imagine how many more would have been hospitalized if this brave gun owner had not stopped the violence. In all seriousness, this story aired on a local Salt Lake City news station. If not for this gun owner, we probably would have been watching this story on the national evening news.

It’s really a shame that we don’t hear stories like this more often. Just imagine: 

LONDON, Oct 1, 1888 — Elizabeth “Long Liz” Stride defended herself against a deranged man wielding a knife, the London constable reports. While they are still investigating the case, the constables suspect that the man who was shot was none other than the notorious Jack “The Ripper.” Stride had this to say: “He came at me, and I just shot him. Who knows how many more people he would’ve killed if I didn’t have my gun?” 

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