Man Points Gun At Another, Demands, "Now Moonwalk."

A 30-year-old man has been hit with felony assault charges after ordering a man to moonwalk at gunpoint. Yes, as in the Michael Jackson dance.

It’s a classic TV trope — a cocky man with a gun starts shooting at the ground near another man’s feet, commanding him to dance. The unarmed man has no choice but to hop about if he wants to avoid catching a bullet with his feet. It’s a comical scene, but in real life would undoubtedly be much more terrifying and degrading, a bit like the piggy scene from Deliverance.

John Ernest Cross of Idaho is charged with aggravated assault and is facing a $20,000 bail for the stunt. Prosecutors accused Cross of using an AR-15 during the exchange, but Cross swears that it was only a pellet gun. In either event, the trauma and humiliation that he forced upon the other person was very real, so he will have a hard time defending his name. Police also suspect that Cross was under the effects of drugs at the time, lending further evidence to the fact that drugs and guns don’t mix.

We’re not sure what song was playing when Cross committed the crime, but we’re guessing that right now he’s not exactly feeling like a smooth criminal.

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