Montana Police Handing Out Free Gun Locks

Montana police are distributing free gun locks all throughout the state of Montana. The locks are supplied by Project ChildSafe, and the locks are intended to prevent unauthorized use of home firearms, especially by young children (if you didn’t already guess from the organization’s name).

The devices operate by looping a cable through the barrel of the gun and securing it with a lock. This requires that the gun must be unloaded, which adds an extra level of safety.

The Montana police are optimistic about the project, arguing that each of these locks represents one less accident waiting to happen. Even if families don’t pick up one of the free devices, the police aim to use the opportunity to raise awareness about gun safety. 

If you’re wondering where the money came for all of these locks, the bill was footed by Uncle Sam. A $50 million grant from the US Department of Justice will provide nearly 20 million free gun locks to people across the country. So far, this plan has been fairly successful. Oregon police were giving away the locks like hot cakes, and many police departments are requesting more.

Sure, we could get all in a huff and see this as an attempt by the government to lock away our guns so that we can’t use them, but realistically the objective is to prevent unwanted users to getting access to your guns and to promote public safety. We can’t really argue with that.

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