Taurus Acquires Heritage Manufacturing, Expands its Brands

Taurus is expanding their properties in Florida with the announcement of their acquisition of Heritage Manufacturing.  Heritage is best known for their Rough Rider single-action cowboy-style revolvers.  The move to secure additional property shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Taurus recently told the Truth About Guns that they were shopping around for a company that would compliment their existing brands.

“Look out gun company owners. [Taurus’ new President and CEO Mark] Kresser admits that Taurus is on the prowl for new acquisitions. The gunmaker’s main man in North America promised that any additions to the corporate portfolio will complement the existing product line.”

Heritage revolver

Heritage absolutely compliments Rossi, also a Taurus company.  Rossi already makes lever-action rifles that have a strong following in the cowboy action world as does Heritage with their quality, modern single-action .45 Colts and .357 Magnums.

From their press release:

“Jay Bernkrant, President and Owner of Heritage Manufacturing is quick to note that, ‘Heritage and Taurus have always had a long, family-like relationship. We share the same family-based values and deep-rooted desire to bring the best products to the most people.’ The Heritage name and brand will continue to be marketed as a standalone while receiving the full support of the Taurus management efforts and distribution channels.

“This acquisition is a great compliment to our Taurus and Rossi products; a perfect fit with our growth strategy to acquire and partner with companies that share our core competency of affordably priced firearms for all shooters. Taurus is continuing to accelerate in the shooting sports and Heritage products will keep our customers hunting, plinking and cowboy-action shooting.”

Both Heritage and Taurus have announced that Heritage will maintain all their existing staff.  They’re even getting expanded facilities out of this, in addition to Taurus’ powerful marketing machine.  Right now, anyone who buys a Taurus gets a one-year membership with the National Rifle Association.

Now some people are already concerned that some of Taurus’ reputation for hit-or-miss quality control and, er, intermittent customer service may rub off on Heritage.  We don’t think there’s a great deal of risk there for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, Heritage will remain intact, same staff, same equipment.  Second is the fact that Kresser has admitted to Taurus earning their bad marks and their intention to change that.

Rossi lever-action firearm

It takes a great deal of humility for a company to own up to something as big as “We know our guns suck sometimes,” but in order to effectively clean up their reputation they have no choice but to do it publicly.  One way to do this is to let other people make your guns for you.

Are you a Rough Rider owner?  How do you feel about this acquisition?

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