Florida Activists Fight For Campus Carry

Florida Carry Inc. has filed an appeals against a judge’s attempt to uphold a Florida university’s ban on guns. 

There’s been quite a bit of back-and-forth over the issue, but one thing is certain: lawmakers and gun rights activists are waging a war, and the territory they’re fighting so hard to claim are the parking lots of Florida universities. In order to understand this battle fully, we need to look a few years back.

In 1985, Florida made it legal for adults to store guns in their cars, even if they didn’t have a state license. Two years later in ’87, the Florida Legislature issued carry licenses that would be legal all across the state.

The University of North Florida (UNF) took the opening salvo against these state-wide laws by putting a ban on handguns in its campuses.

Florida Carry Inc., a non-profit grass roots organization, filed a temporary injunction to suspend UNF’s rule and protect students’ right to carry weapons. After the injunction stagnated in the Florida legal system for a few months, Florida Circuit Court Judge Lawrence P. Haddock signed a document to deny the injunction. Haddock’s decision upheld the university’s privilege to create felony guns-free zones at will.

Not ready to give up, Florida Carry Inc. is attempting to appeal Haddock’s decision. We have yet to see if the courts will deign to consider this new appeal, or if they have better things to do. 

What do you think about all this? Do you think that non-elected business owners should have the ability to create a felony without any input from the state government? 

We should get in on this. Maybe we should try to make it a felony for Internet users to talk smack about Guns.com. After all, if a private businesses can circumvent the 2nd Amendment, why can’t we override the right to free speech? 

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