Guns in Parks: Everybody's Doing Just Fine

Ever since Congress’ decision to loosen gun restrictions in state parks, nothing has happened. That’s kind of an anti-climactic sentence, but what can we say? There haven’t been any tragedies so far in US state parks, and we’re happy to report that.  

Back in 2009, Congress passed a law that removed the default gun ban in US state parks and replaced it with a much more sensible law. Whenever you’re in a park, you’re subject to that state’s gun laws. For many states across America, that meant that open and concealed carry would be permitted. So, people brought their shotguns, rifles, and handguns with them on their family trips to the park and, well, that’s about it. Any gun-related incidents that may have occurred haven’t been different from what you’d expect in any other area of the country. 

The law hasn’t completely opened up the door to free-reign gun possession. As you might expect, hunting is still banned in state parks and you can’t take guns into visitor centers because they count as federal buildings. A few state locales that serve alcohol also place a ban on guns.

We know that this is a quick news article, so you expect to read about things happening when you click on one of these articles, but in this particular case no news is good news

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