CBS Seek to Uncover Illegal Guns, Expose Themselves Instead

CBS 5 went undercover in a California gun show to look for guns that violated the state’s strict gun laws, but the only people breaking any rules were the CBS investigators.

The investigation centers on the bullet button, a small button that allows users of semi-automatic rifles to quickly change magazines using a cartridge or similar tool. Under California law, assault rifles that have detachable magazines are illegal in conjunction with other parts. The bullet button allows gun owners to quickly reload and change magazines, but without using an illegal detachable magazine.

At it’s core, it’s a simple matter. California made something illegal, so gun owners complied and found a different method to enjoy their rifles with the convenience of a quick reload. Things got a bit ironic, however, when CBS took a camera into a gun show. They didn’t find any guns with illegal detachable cartridges, but the news crew was breaking rules left and right.

As it turns out, there are “No Camera” signs all throughout the gun show, and gun show representatives announced “No picture taking during the show” frequently throughout the day. “Hypocrisy” is the word that we’re looking for, here.

What makes things worse is that California has a two-party consent law, which means that it is a crime to record private conversations unless everybody involved is aware that you are recording.

So, what did this expose reveal?

The number of rules broken by gun owners: 0
The number of rules broken by CBS: 2

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