You Got the Wrong Place: Drunk Intruder Held at Gunpoint

An Indiana woman held a drunken home intruder at gunpoint until the police arrived. Normally, we love to hear stories of gun owners trumping stupid criminals, but more than anything else this one looks like it was all just a simple mistake.

Carlos Rodriguez, 32, was out late drinking and decided that it was finally time to hit the sack. He went to his apartment — at least, what he thought was his apartment — and tried the key. When the door wouldn’t open, Rodriguez broke down the door. Yeah, it was probably a bit drastic, but Rodriguez allegedly had a BAC of 0.21 at the time, so he was probably thinking that it was a great idea.

As it turns out, Rodriguez had the right apartment number at the wrong building. The woman who lived there was awoken by the sound of the door being kicked in, grabbed her handgun, and ordered Rodriguez to the ground. Rodriguez readily complied and remained with his forehead glued to floor until the police showed up.

The police hauled Rodriguez off to the drunk tank, where he awaits the possibility of being charged with residential entry and criminal mischief charges.

That just goes to show you. Sure, it’s nice to have guns for home defense, but you can’t always assume criminal intent just because a stranger is somewhere he’s not supposed to be. You can always hold off and wait for the police, but you can’t take a bullet back.

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