Home Sweet Home - Artist Draws Up Gun-Shaped Houses

Artist Baptiste Debombourg has laid out the floor plans for a whole set of gun-inspired houses.

Most people don’t want to stare down the barrel of a gun when they open the front door to their house, but home owners of these weaponized domiciles would have to get used to it. With the front door in the gun muzzle, a bathroom near the trigger, and a bedroom located in the grip, these buildings are only for the most die-hard gun aficionados. 

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we’ll see any of these designs actually get built. Most of these buildings would be much to massive to be realistically useful for a single family. In fact, if you look at the blueprints closely, you’ll find that Debombourg envisions the Uzi and the M134D Minigun as operating more like dormitories than homes. The silenced Walther looks more like a church than anything else, and the M1911 resembles an office building.

Debombourg took a very old-fashioned approach to these pieces, which he collectively titled “Tradition of Excellence.” He envisioned the construction process in a manner that wouldn’t have been out of place in medieval times. Rather than building each room individually, this design calls for the rooms to be carved out of solid stone, leaving almost cave-like tunnels to compose the rooms. It may not be the most practical way to build a house, but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about termites. 

But who knows? Maybe some rich, eccentric billionaire will fork out the cash for an AK-47 mansion, and we can all check out his pad from Google Earth as we struggle to control our envy.

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