Florida: Water Pistols No; Hand Pistols Yes!

The Republican National Convention (RNC) has placed a ban on water guns, but not handguns. Maybe they’re expecting the Wicked Witch of the West to show up?

The RNC will be held in Florida this year, and with all of the Trayvon Martin talk the issue of guns and personal safety has come up rather often. In order to ensure that the RNC goes off with a bang (politcally speaking, not literally speaking), Tampa city officials are banning a number of potentially dangerous and disruptive items. The list includes things such as hatchets, gas masks, and large water guns. 

Most of these banned items aren’t really dangerous so much as they simply imply danger. After all, there’s nothing inherently lethal about wearing a gas mask, but how would you feel if you were at a large political event and you see somebody run past you while wearing a gas mask? Yeah, we’d probably bolt, too. Clearly, the objective here is to reduce the chance of someone causing some sort of mass panic. 

There’s one major problem with their plan to make the RNC a completely weapon-free zone: state law. It’s not actually legal for city officials to ban concealed weapons, which Florida citizens have a right to carry. So, Tampa can ban everything they want, but that list stops where the 2nd Amendment starts. 

You’re not the only ones who thinks that the predicament is a tad ridiculous. The mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, admits that it makes his city “look silly.”

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