Heroic Tattletale: Second Grader Tells Teachers About Loaded Gun

In Arkansas, an eight-year-old boy broke the sacred rule to never tattletale and warned teachers that another student had brought a loaded gun to school. Thomas Young spilled the beans after another student told him that he had brought a .22 revolver in his backpack.

The nine-year-old child who brought the gun to school will not be facing any charges, as a person must be at least ten years old before qualifying for felony charges (he really dodged that bullet, didn’t he?). Additionally, the child suffers from Asperger Syndrome, so some question whether or not he was fully aware of the dangers of bringing a gun to school.

The child’s parents are unsure of how the boy got a hold of the gun, and there is a possibility that they will be charged with a crime.

Thomas, on the other hand, has received much more than a gold star. He was honored in an assembly during which teachers explained to students that guns are not toys. He also received a letter from the Governor Beebe, who commended his bravery. 

Thomas’ grandmother said in an interview that Thomas and all of his brothers had been warned about the dangers of guns at such a young age. There’s a big difference between teaching your kids to be afraid of guns and teaching your kids to know what guns are capable of, and it really looks like this woman was a responsible grandmother and taught this young boy the common sense he needed to make the best decision.

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