Redefine Road Rage with Armored Machine Gun Porsche (VIDEO)

Private contractors have equipped a Porsche Cayenne with armor plating, high-powered guns, and land mines. Leather seats optional.

An Eastern European client with a Porsche, plenty of money to blow, and a fear of Mad Max apocalyptic highway battles hired International Armstrong Corporation and Red Jacket Firearms (those guys from the Discovery Channel show) to pimp his ride. 

The result is something that even James Bond would have been proud to drive. While you might think that an armored car would look more like a military humvee, this vehicle probably wouldn’t look out of place driving down the highway. It has a rear-mounted M-16 hidden behind a license plate that slides away (so cool) and two M-16s mounted on the top, concealed in a luggage carrier.

The most amazing thing about it is that all of these weapons can be controlled by the driver. You know those bulit-in video devices that let you see where you’re backing up so that you don’t run over the family pooch? Well, add a crosshair and a remote control, and you’ve got a system that will allow the driver to make his getaway while forcing his pursuers to eat dust (and lead). 

Are you jealous? We certainly are. For the low-low price of $160k and the price of parts, you could have your Prius, Ford, or whatever totally lame-by-comparison vehicle you currently have sitting in your driveway outfitted with the best in super-spy tech. 

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