Michiganders Push for Concealed Carry

As Michigan lawmakers enter debate about the future of concealed carry laws, organizers are rallying to promote Constitutional Carry. 

Right now, Michigan has a whole range of locations where concealed handguns are off limits — places like schools, churches and sports stadium. The lawmakers are thinking that as long as permit holders undergo extra training, then gun owners should be allowed to carry in these areas. 

Gun rights advocates are happy with the way things are going — mostly. They believe that this new legislation is on the right track, it just doesn’t go nearly far enough. They want to make Michigan the fifth Constitutional Carry state, and John Roshek, the president of the Citizens League for Self Defense, stated, “the political climate is getting right” to bring about this change.

Michiganders are expected to show up in droves on the My 15th rally to wave signs, shout catchy slogans, and ideally spark some political change.  Roshek is expecting a turnout of around 300-400, and fliers invited the protesters to bring their guns. 

Of course, even if the organizers fail to sway legislators to believe in Constitutional Carry, it won’t be a particularly devastating blow to Michigan’s gun owners. The new legislation could pass anyway, and it would include a whole range of benefits. The bill will cut licensing delays, make it easier to renew licenses, ease up on gun-free zones, and shift permit control from gun boards to the sheriff’s office. Michigander gun rights activists will probably get what they want — the only question is whether or not they’ll get everything they want.

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