Court Rules 2nd Amendment Doesn't Apply to Illegal Immigrants

A federal court has decided that illegal immigrants are not protected by the Second Amendment right to bear arms and that is bound to tick off a lot of immigrants.

The court case that sparked this debate focused on Emmanueal Huitron-Guizar, who pled guilty to being in possession of firearms as an illegal immigrant. The court accepted his plea and he was held by a Wyoming detention center.

Huitron-Guizar’s lawyer, however, was not ready to give up the fight. He appealed the case, arguing that illegal immigrants should have the same rights as US citizens to buy a gun for hunting or protection. 

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed the appeal and concluded that immigrants have only limited protection under the Constitution.

Court cases like this can really lead to some tricky, controversial decisions. On the one hand, the Second Amendment clearly states the people have a right to bear arms. On the other hand, the laws of a country are designed to regulate its own citizens, and not citizens from other countries. Sure, it’d be great if the rest of the planet adopted the Bill of Rights and embraced freedom — that would really do away with a lot of terrible regimes out there. Until that day, though, it looks as though the US courts have decided that all of the benefits of the US Constitution will only apply to dues-paying members.

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