Cha-Ching! Gun Sales on the Rise

Even though the American economy is still recovering, the gun industry is booming. Gun sales over the past three years have gone up a whopping 30%, including increased sales both nationally and locally.

“Job creation” is a phrase we love to hear, and the gun industry is doing just that. This uptick in gun sales has added 1,202 gun industry jobs in Kansas alone. This is the direct result of growth in gun manufacturers and distributors.

Retrailers are attributing this new trend to a vareity of factors. The political climate is making people more interested in personal safety, while the survivalism movement has also gotten quite big with so much focus on 2012 apocalyptic theories.

Gun distributor store owners and the spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Bill Dunn, also report that women are buying guns at a much higher rate. With women classically representing a significant chunk of household buying power, more women interested in guns means that the industry is bound to grow.

And let’s not forget zombies. They get to take some of the credit, too. Zombies have spread through the entertainment industry like, well, a zombie horde. Shows like The Walking Dead are reminding people just how useful it would be to have a gun when the biohazardous undead virus hits the fan.

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