Cop Shooter Gets Off Easy, Shot Cop Gives Judge an Earful

A decorated police offer expressed his outrage in court when a judge sentenced the man who shot him five times to the minimum sentence of 14 to 25 years in prison.

Arthur Matthews, a Detroit police officer, was at a gas station when a robbery took place. Off duty at the time, Matthews attempted to stop the robbery and was shot five times in the legs for his bravery. The bullets shattered his femur and left him walking with a cane; he’s been on disability since the shooting. Despite the severe injures to his legs, he still made sure to visit the court for the sentencing.

The shooter, Christopher Proctor, submitted to what Matthews called a “slam dunk case” and plead guilty to two counts of assault with the intent to commit murder. Each of those sentences carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, but Judge Ulysses Boykin whittled it down to 14 to 25 years, a mere pittance by comparison.

Matthews stood up in court and gave the judge a piece of his mind for handing out such a lenient sentence. He argues that the judge “put on kids gloves” when he sentenced Proctor.

Did Judge Boykin simply want to go easy on a first time offender, perhaps? Nope, not by a longshot. Twenty-five-year-old Proctor previously faced drugs and weapon charges, and he also was charged with two murder charges in 2010, though he was acquitted. 

Officer Matthews said, “I just hope it’s never you that’s in a situation when my gun or another person of law enforcement has to save your life or somebody in your family, and they receive the kind of justice that i got from [the judge].” He added, “he tried to kill me. How much more do you need?”

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