Pinned Down, US Soldiers Fight Back with M72 Rocket

When US soldiers in Afghanistan were pinned down by heavy enemy fire, they answered with small arms and an M72 rocket.

The action starts when Taliban members open fire on US troops with PK machine guns. The soldiers duck to the ground and take cover behind a small ridge, returning fire with rifles and an M72 rocket (2:30).

The bullets fly so close to the troops that at one point you can hear one of the soldiers yell that a bullet grazed someone’s helmet. While you can hear the sharp barks of gunfire and see plumes of dust rise up as they collide with the soldiers’ cover, the footage is not clear enough to make out the locations of enemies. Even the soldiers had trouble determining the exact location of their attackers.

This YouTube clip shows a true first-hand account of combat in the Middle East thanks to one soldier’s helmet-mounted camera. It’s rare that civilians are given a chance to view unedited footage of combat in the Middle East, before it has been edited by documentary filmmakers or the media. This footage captures the adrenaline, uncertainty, and chaos or modern combat.

The clip is not fully work safe, as there is adult language throughout. Though, if you work for the Department of Defense, this video might be a little tame by your standards.

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