Pumping Iron: Weightlifter Drops Dumbbell on Bullet, Shoots Himself

A weightlifter accidentally dropped a dumbbell on a bullet, which caused it to fire.

LAPD responded to a call about a man who had a GSW in his shoulder (that’s “gun shot wound” for those of you don’t spend all of your time watching House and Grey’s Anatomy). The man told police that he was weightlifting and accidentally dropped the dumbbell onto one of the .22 caliber bullets he had lying around.

We’re guessing the police thought the exact same thing that you would have thought in that situation: “bullshit.” So, they investigated the scene, but they found a bullet casing (and no gun), and the neighbors did not report anybody fleeing the scene.

Either this weightlifter has one of the best poker faces and alibis in history, or he is totally telling the truth and the dumbbell fell on the bullet just right to set it off.

We realize that this is pretty much one of those one-in-a-million cases that you probably couldn’t reproduce if you tried, but it’s entirely plausible. Still, the accident assuredly could have been avoided with a bit of common sense. We would think that bullets and loaded guns would be fairly high on the list of “Things I Don’t Want Under Me While Weightlifting,” right up there with babies, your pet pooch, and your phone.

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