Stopping the Rumor Mill: Highway Bill is Pro-Gun, not Anti

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has debunked the rumors floating around that the S. 1813 highway bill recently passed the US Senate is anti-gun, when in fact it is pro-gun.

Those of you were fretting over the bill can now stop worrying about it. Those of you who never even heard of the S. 1813 highway bill, well, go about your business. Turns out everything is A-OK.

Much of the confusion stemmed from the wording of the bill. People thought that the permit requirements and regulations applied to people carrying guns on the highway, when the bill actually only refers to transporting hazardous materials. The bill does mention firearms briefly, but only to clarify that the federal hazardous material laws do not have any power over guns and ammunition. That’s just one less government power that will be able to regulate, restrict, or seize the guns of US citizens. This may not have been the objective of the legislation, but that hands-off approach is very pro-gun.

We’d like to thank the NRA-ILA for clarifying this matter. Even though they didn’t actually stop any gun control legislation, they still endured the unenviable task of slogging through US Senate legislation (the stuff about guns didn’t show up until page 1323!). 

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