6,000+ Incompetent South African Cops Need Firearm Training

The South African police force is in dire straits after discovering that more than 6,000 of its officers have been found to be incompetent with state-issued firearms.

This surprising fact was discovered when an internal report accused 27,400 officers of being incompetent with firearms. Police commissioner Lt-Gen Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi quickly tried to appease the public by promising that to deal with the issue as quickly as possible.   

The vast majority of the full 129,713-member police force passed the firearm proficiency course, but 27,400 officers have not yet received a passing score. Most of those officers haven’t taken every part of the test yet, leaving 6,536 officers who took the tests and failed. These police officers will need to undergo urgent retraining if they hope to keep their jobs.

Despite the fact that these officers have been found to be incompetent with their firearms, Mkhwanazi halted the disarmament of these 6,000 officers. Police unions claim that taking away these guns are putting lives in danger, but from our perspective it seems like letting incompetent police officers carry firearms that they’re not properly trained to use does the exact same thing. Sounds like a bit of a catch-22. 

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