Showing Off the Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

Teludyne Tech Industries has been working on improving one of the most fundamental parts of the small arm, the gun barrel.  Limited by stainless and chrome-moly steels, Teludyne has been developing a way to quickly manufacture composite barrels that deliver accuracy that goes far beyond what many, if any other processes provide.

The Teludyne StraightJacket barrel system is not the first of its kind and it’s not entirely original.  None of that makes it any less impressive.  The StraightJacket barrel system takes a standard rifle barrel and sheathes it in a large diameter outer sleeve.  The sleeve is considerably larger than the outer diameter of the barrel, so it must be filled.  Teludyne fills the gap with a mystery proprietary media.

Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

The makeup of the filler material is naturally a company secret.  The end result is a composite barrel, with the properties of all three materials without the weaknesses.  What looks like a comically-thick bull barrel is actually both lightweight and rigid without being so inflexible it can’t withstand the pressure of firing a cartridge.

The filler media has good thermal conduction properties, which has us thinking that there’s gotta be some carbon fiber in the mix.  Carbon fiber is a terrific thermal conductor.  This means that the StraightJacket barrel system keeps the inner barrel cool, which always improves accuracy by preventing heat from shifting the gun’s point of impact.

Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

The end result are guns that punch 10- to 30-round ragged hole groups through the ten ring at 100 yards.  Even AKs.

The StraightJacket system can be built onto just about any long gun you can imagine, from modern ARs to surplus Mosin-Nagants and even shotguns.  The results with the shotgun are just too remarkable for words.

Teludyne’s StraightJacket modifications don’t run cheap, on par with a good rebarreling for the most part, costing between $600-800 to add the StraightJacket barrel system to most guns.  But this will also get a barrel with outstanding thermal properties in addition to accuracy.  And to be honest, we just love the look of that PSL with a StraightJacket.

Teludyne also offers complete AR uppers complete with either steel or titanium sleeves, for $1,550 and $1,850, respectively, if you just want to build a gun with a pre-installed StraightJacket.

Teludyne StraightJacket Barrel System

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