84-Year-Old Veteran Shoots At Would-Be Home Invader

An 84-year-old man fired his German Luger at a home invader, scaring the man off.

Fred Ricciutti was asleep in his home when he awoke to the sounds of somebody breaking into his kitchen. This Korean War veteran’s first thought was, “Friend or foe, he shouldn’t be there that time of day.” The old timer grabbed his German Luger, a souvenir from his term in the Korean War, and confronted the intruder.

This fearless veteran was not about to become a victim, even though he said that he hoped he’d never have to use his Luger again.

Ricciutti shot at Raymond Hills, 25, but the bullet just grazed the back of his neck. Talk about dumb luck — a half inch closer and the bullet would have destroyed his spine. Hills wisely fled the scene but Ricciutti called the police, who arrested Hills a few blocks over. They found a stun gun and a screwdriver in Hills’ possession

Hills was taken to jail, but the police said that they were not going to press charges against Ricciutti. Talk about an overly lucky criminal.

After the scene, Ricciutti was cool as a cucumber and spoke to the news about his wartime ally, “Hard to hit anybody with a .45 but a Luger is a very well-balanced gun.”

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