LAPD Invites Cameras into Enormous Gun Locker (VIDEO)

Los Angeles police offered news crews a rare look into its overflowing gun locker. 

Frequent gun-related crimes in the city of LA means that the stockpile of confiscated guns keeps growing and growing. They keep all those weapons safely tucked away under lock and key, both to keep the gun off the streets and to keep them ready if any of the evidence is needed in court. Chief Charlie Beck of the LAPD told the CBS reporter, “Believe it or not, there are about 13,000 guns surrounding us right now.”

The bulk of the weapons in the evidence locker are handguns, which are popular among criminals. Occassionally, Beck said, they’ll confiscate an assault rifle like a military AR-15 or an illegally converted Mini-14. This year alone, LAPD has confiscated over 1,000 guns, and they expect to pull in three times that number in the buyback program.

We could tell you more about the LAPD locker, but we’d just be kidding ourselves. We know most of you clicked this article to look at all of the guns. We won’t keep you any longer — try not to drool as you watch the clip.

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