Buyer Beware: Woman Finds Loaded Revolver in Yard Sale Bag

An Indiana woman who purchased a laptop case from a yard sale was surprised to discover that it contained a loaded handgun

We always ate the sugar-filled kids cereal when we were young, and we don’t ever remember getting a prize at the bottom of the box half as cool and shocking as this one.

Rhonda Milligan purchased the laptop from the Evansville Christian Life Center sale and didn’t realize that it also contained a loaded revolver until she got home. After making the discovery, she called police and returned to the Christian Center, but they had already closed.

Milligan was outraged and visibly shaken by the events, and wondered why nobody had bothered to go through the pockets. She added, “that could have ended up in a lot of different ways.” 

We’re guessing most of our readers would be delighted to get a free gun with a normal purchase, but putting that aside, the fact that somebody placed a loaded handgun in a laptop bag and sold it a public event shows extreme carelessness. An unwitting buyer could have accidentally caused the gun to fire when picking it the bag, or the gun could have ended up in the hands of a kid. The citizens of Evansville are lucky the gun went to a responsible woman who handled the situation appropriately, and that no accidents occurred.

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