Looks that Kill: Concealed Carry Clothing Line

A Houston police officer has developed a new concealed weapon clothing line, American Tactical Apparel.

Wait, haven’t we already covered this? Well, kinda. There’s an increased demand for fashionable clothing that will let people comfortably store their handgun, and a number of businesses are eager to get in on the action.

What makes American Tactical Apparel unique is how much thought went into the design. The pants, which cost $150 per pair, have 15 pockets, one of which is large enough and conveniently located to store a handgun. You’d think a pair of pants with 15 pockets would look like bulky army cargo pants, but they actually don’t look half bad.

Brian Hoffner, a police officer and the creator of American Tactical Apparel, says he got the idea when he was on the job. He would strap a gun to his thigh while he was undercover, but he was always frustrated by how difficult it was to get to the gun when he really needed it. He said, “I thought, ‘Man, if only I had a zipper,’ and then a light bulb went off.”

Hoffner has been a bit fashion-conscious in the creation of the clothing line, adding that it was intended more for soccer moms and everyday citizens rather than for police officers. He plans to add dress pants and skirts in a variety of colors.

The clothing line can be purchased at C&G Wholesale stores.

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