Buy Your Guns Now Before They're Sold Out

Gun sales are currently so high that prospective gun owners might have a hard time purchasing their next dream firearm.

Firearm stores and distributors, like Fred’s Gun Emporium in Lubbock, Texas, are finding that the demand is far exceeding the supply. Rick Parrish, who works at the store, reports that people are getting on waiting lists just for a chance to get a specific gun model. A good example is the Kel-Tec PMR-3, which has been in incredibly short supply recently.

This is the result of rising nation-wide trends in gun sales and gun rights support. Just how much do people love guns now? Parrish said, “We understand Ruger is a million guns behind. They are not taking any more orders from what we have been told.” American citizens are buying guns faster than they can come off the production lines — and all in the middle of a recovering economy.

This is all great news for gun rights advocates. As more and more people exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms, that means that the number of voters rallying behind gun rights will go up and up. At the end of the day, it’s irrelevant how many laws get passed that restrict gun ownership. Once the voter constituency changes, laws are sure to follow.

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