Megadeth Singer Dave Mustaine Warns Capitol Hill to Keep Off His Guns

Dave Mustaine, the singer of the heavy metal band Megadeth, recently warned politicians to stay away from his guns.

When Mustaine ins’t rocking out and headbanging in the front of his famous heavy metal band Megadeth, he’s polishing his guns, pulling the red lever in the voting booth, and trumpeting gun rights with near-Ted-Nugent-level passion.

In a recent interview Mustaine warned, “When people in Washington say they’re going to take away my guns, they better bring theirs if they’re going to take mine.”

Mustaine’s political views are based on much more than just whim — he claims it’s a result of how he lived his life, “People like me, we’re used to fighting for what we have. […] I know about hardship. When I started out, I was homeless. I lived on the streets and panhandled.” It’s no surprise that Mustaine’s not eager to roll over and submit whenever the US government decides to restrict his gun rights.

Still, Mustaine tries to look on the bright side. He claims that people will get edgy if Obama is elected for another four years, and edginess invariably results in increased demand for heavy metal music.

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