TSA Spots Handgun Parts in Mickey Mouse Doll

The Transportation Security Administration found gun parts “artfully concealed” in a few stuffed animals, including a Mickey Mouse doll. People love to give the TSA’s a variety of colorful nicknames (Thousands Standing Around, Those Stupid A____), but it’s great to see that they can still get the job done.

TSA officers in T.F. Green International Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island were performing a standard security check of a four-year-old boy and his father when they spotted gun parts hidden inside of the doll. The parts included a firing pin, a slide, a magazine, and a gun. Together, the items could be assembled to create a fully operational handgun.

TSA immediately seized the doll, as you might expect, and the father and son were allowed to take their flight. Huh — we’re a bit surprised to hear that. We figured they’d be locked up and interrogated about terrorism connections.

The father told police that he had no idea that the gun parts were in the doll. Authorities investigated, and evidently the whole situation appears to be the result of a domestic dispute. Really, a domestic dispute? Sheesh. Everybody’s had an argument with one of their exes, but sending your ex through airport security with a few hidden guns is a hell of a way to break up.

The cops and the FBI are looking into it, but the FBI assures us that there was no genuine threat to air safety.

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