Oklahoma Welcomes Out-of-State Concealed Gun Carriers

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin, a Republican and NRA member, signed a bill into law that allows residents of other states to carry concealed weapons over state lines into Sooner territory. 

This new law will benefit residents of states that do not require a concealed carry permit. Oklahoma legislators have rather politely concluded that if that’s how it works in other states, then Oklahoma’s willing to respect that. Of course, gun owners are still going to need to prove their residence if they want to benefit from this new law. Concealed carriers will need to keep their weapon hidden at all times and they will need to carry ID to confirm that they are a legal resident of a permit-free state.

Overall, this is a somewhat surprising (yet fortunate) turn of events. Oklahoma residents are required by law to jump through quite a few hoops before being able to carry a concealed weapon. They need to be at least 21 years old, complete a training course, and pay the permit fee. It’s refreshing to see that state legislators aren’t interested in imposing their laws on out-of-staters, though it’s too bad that they didn’t go one step further and do away with concealed carry permits altogether.

But hey, score one for gun rights. We’re not about to start complaining.

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