The Compact and Handy Aglite Injured Personnel Carrier (VIDEO)

The Aglite Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) is a fine piece of kit.  Designed to meet the request of the Israeli military, the IPC is a lightweight and compact harness to lash a person to another person’s back.  It does so in a way that supports the injured person while leaving the carrier’s arms and hands free so that they may continue to use their rifle.

It’s extremely simple. It’s 12 feet of 2-inch wide straps and mesh that wrap up into a small, .77-pound package.  Unfurled it can be used to make a human backpack.  Because it’s a specialized rope harness it spreads the weight across a larger area of both the carrier and the carried persons’ bodies, but most importantly, it allows you to move a person without effectively disarm yourself of your guns.

And while this was made to meet the needs of special Israeli military units, clearly this has applications for more than just soldiers, which is why in addition to black and tan, the IPC comes in firetruck red.  They want to put this cool piece of kit into the hands of as many people as possible, not just in the military, but any first-responders and rescue workers.  Frankly, for $80, we think this is exactly the sort of thing anyone could benefit from owning in case of an accident.  You don’t have to be a soldier to wind up with someone hurt on your hands.

Still, while this implementation is somewhat unique, it’s not the first of its kind.  Other companies have made similar products, like the RAT (Rescue Assault Tether) Strap and the K2-Sling.

Both the RAT Strap and K-Sling allow people to drag wounded or unconscious people without having to use your hands to do the work.  Still, we can see how it could be important or even just preference to carry someone on your back without having to resort to a fireman’s carry; not to mention there is a great deal of terrain where dragging a person is not a viable option.  But we also like that the IPC gives you the option of going with the human backpack route or using it as a drag tool.

Aglite is an Israeli firm founded by both Israeli and American soldiers and retired special forces operators, and Aglite’s hardware is made in the USA.  Plus, and this is very, very important for some people: they have a sexier promotional video.

What rescue tools do you never leave home without?

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