FBI & Police On the Hunt for Possibly Suicidal, Armed FBI Agent

Authorities are on the hunt for Stephen Ivens, an allegedly armed and suicidal FBI agent.

It almost sounds like a short description of a Hollywood action flick, but this time it’s completely real. Fortunately, he’s not the type of character who swipes government secrets to sell them to enemy nations in some sort of elaborate spy games plot. However, authorities do fear that he has become suicidal and is a danger to himself. The police do not suspect that Ivens is a danger to anybody else, but they still warn citizens not to approach him. He is not suspected of foul play and he has no history of violence.

Ivens left from his Los Angeles apartment on foot and has not yet been located; he was last seen on Thursday, and his handgun is not accounted for. Ivens is an avid hiker and the bloodhounds of the search and rescue team picked up a trail that seemed to head into the Verdugo Mountains.

Ivens is white, six feet tall, and weights approximately 160 pounds.  He wears prescription glasses and he has receding brown hair. If you spot somebody matching his description call the Burbank police at 818-238-3000 or the FBI at 310-420-6441. If you spot Ivens, call the authorities immediately. Ivens’ wife and his one-year-old child are eagerly awaiting his return.

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