The HSGI Tactical Baseball Cap: A Hat for Gun Owners

Gun owners looking for some well-designed head gear should check out the High Speed Gear’s Tactical Baseball Cap. After all, gun fashion is getting more and more important, with gun accessories becoming just as much fun to buy and show off as the guns themselves.

The Tactical Baseball Cap is designed specifically by and for gun owners to accommodate our unique needs. There is no rivet on the crown of the hat or metal eyelets, so you shouldn’t have any trouble wearing it with conventional headphones for hearing protection.

It’s got a six-panel design that will allow it to fit snugly over any head, though you can still make some adjustments on the inner rim of the hat to achieve the perfect fit. These caps are designed for true outdoorsman, so it should easily withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

To appeal to the bulk of gun owners out there, these hats would look like a normal part of any hardcore survivalist’s or hunter’s outfit. They come in earth tones, black, or camouflage patterns. The left side of the cap bears a US flag, while the right side has the HSG logo. All-in-all, it’s a great cap to pick up for gun owners ready to get out in the summer sun and hit up the shooting ranges.

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