Possibly Suicidal FBI Agent, Might be Armed, Missing in LA

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Burbank Police and agents from the FBI’s LA Division continue to search for a missing FBI agent thought to be despondent, possibly suicidal and who also might be armed with a handgun. With about 150 agents, officers and deputies searching for him, it’s said to be the largest search in LA in 20 years.

Stephen Ivens, a 35-year old agent who specializes in counter terrorism and assigned to the FBI’s LA division, has been missing since last Thursday when he was seen by neighbors leaving his home on foot. During the weekend, however, authorities said dogs had tracked Ivens’ scent toward the Verdugo Mountains, which, according to Google maps, is just a few miles northeast of Burbank.

Ivens’ wife reported him missing on Friday night and afterward authorities learned that his service weapon was also missing from his home, which is another concern in and of itself.

According to the statement released by the Burbank Police Department, the authorities don’t suspect foul play and there is no indication that Ivens is or has been involved in any criminal activity. They and his wife and one-year-old son are just concerned for his well-being.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller describes Ivens as being well liked by his colleagues and that he has no history of disciplinary action on the job. And added that Ivens is also not believed to be a threat to anyone but himself.

However, the authorities ask that if anyone does see him that they do not confront him and instead report it to the authorities immediately.

In their messages to the public the authorities seem to stress that Ivens is emotionally disturbed, but would not say how long he had been that way or what caused it. They couldn’t say if his work in national security contributed to his emotional well-being either. Ivens has been with the FBI for three years and before that he was with the LAPD for eight.

Overall he’s a good agent, Eimiller said.

Ivens is described as an avid hiker and runner. He’s a white male, about six feet tall, 160 pounds, brown hair and wears glasses. If you live in that area and see him, please contact the authorities.

Although authorities have been searching since Friday, the effort is still there. Eimiller said there have been numerous tips from hikers who think they might have seen Ivens out in that rugged area, and there have been numerous calls from people who want to volunteer and help with the search.

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