Bling Bling! Man Arrested for Wearing Gun on Necklace

An Indiana man was arrested by police for wearing a gun on a chain around his neck, sort of like a pendant. We’ve heard of gun-focused fashion before, but isn’t this taking it a little far?

Pierre Greer, a 25-year-old man, got on a public bus in Gary Indiana with his brand new gun, and apparently thought the best way to carry it was to use it as a piece of neck jewelry. The bus driver was shocked to discover that Greer was wearing a handgun around his neck, so she called the police (the normal police, not the fashion police) shortly after Greer left the bus. The phone call was actually unwarranted: Indiana is an open carry state as long as the owner has a permit.

Police caught up to Greer and confronted him about the openly displayed weapon. He supplied a receipt for the weapon, but didn’t have a permit.

Greer learned the hard way about Indiana gun permit laws, but Police Cpl. Gabrielle King hoped to use this opportunity to remind the community of the correct way to transport guns, telling citizens to transport new firearms “in the truck of your car unloaded.” If you use that method, you are sure to avoid getting stopped by the police or the hosts from “What Not to Wear.”

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