NEMO Arms Creates Gorgeous $100k Titanium AR-10

NEMO Arms has crafted the world’s first titanium AR rifle, the [Ti]ONE Titanium .308 Battle Rifle.

Do you have $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Do you have an unnatural love for the AR-10 rifle? Does your significant other overlook absurdly extravagant and excessive purchases? Then boy do we have the gun for you!

Starting at the low-low price of just $95,904 dollars, this titanium rifle has everything a rich gun fan needs to make all of his friends jealous. Nearly every single part of the gun is made from this titanium, including its upper and lower handguard, the buffer tube, the gas block, and the compensator. Titanium is known for its brilliant lustrous sheen, impact resistance, light weight, and it is used in modern jets and other military devices. Despite titanium’s comparatively light weight, this rifle will be slightly heavier than a standard AR-10.

NEMO Arms built the rifle to demonstrate the company’s “engineering and manufacturing superiority.” Now, before we get into a debate about how effective and/or silly it is to make a titanium rifle, it sort of goes without saying that this is more a piece of art than it is a practical weapon. And boy, she’s a beauty, ain’t she? We may not want to have to carry that thing around in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but you’ll have a heard time finding a prettier gun. 

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