Satirical Video Points Out Pointlessness of Gun Free Zones (VIDEO)

A satirical “Gun Free Zone” advertisement is putting a clever spin on gun control laws.

You’ll have to watch it for yourself to see just how absurd it is:

This video is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but it does raise some interesting points about gun control. Most importantly: how does gun control work when the criminals it’s supposed to stop won’t pay attention to rules anyway? Some would even argue that it makes the bad guy’s job a lot easier because it tells them where to attack.

Even though the video is overwhelmingly on the gun rights side of the fence, the first few seconds bring up the fundamental problem at the heart of the gun debate. The narrator asks, “Are you concerned about gun violence, but are convinced that having your own gun isn’t the solution?” Everybody can agree that the world needs less gun violence, but most people just aren’t interesting in carrying a gun.

We could categorically prove that guns reduce violence and crime in every way imaginable, but there will always be people who simply don’t like guns. And in a country with such strong private property laws, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever truly be without gun free zones. As seemingly hypocritical as gun free zones are, we’re not sure that people will ever stop fighting for them. 

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