SRM Arms 16-Round Shotgun: Now in Full-Auto

SRM Arms has been teasing fans everywhere with promotional videos and photos of their very compact very high-capacity shotguns for some time now.

Intended for law enforcement use, competitions and tactical fun everywhere, SRM shotguns have a rotary magazine with four magazine tubes for a total capacity of 16+1.

It gets better. The SRM shotguns feed from detachable 4+4+4+4 magazines, which means you can go from empty to 16 fresh rounds of buck or slug in seconds. No manually loading the rounds one by one. It uses roller-delayed blowback, which is famous for reliable action with the heaviest of loads. Other firearms that use roller-delayed blowback include the Heckler & Koch G3 and the German MG 42. No gas operation here.

SRM 1216 on top of carrying bag

Once the shooter dumps one tube the magazine must be manually re-indexed to bring the next tube into action. When this happens the bolt automatically closes and loads the cylinder; it’s ready to go all over again.

The SRM Model 1216 is their standard shotgun and for sale where anyone can legally own extra-ridiculous capacity shotguns. It has an overall length of 34.5 inches and has an 18.5-inch barrel. It has a 16-round magazine for 2-3/4-inch shells but has a three-inch magnum chamber. With an empty magazine it weighs just 7.5 pounds.

SRM Shotguns with specifications

The two other models are NFA-regulated Short-Barreled Shotguns (SBS), and have shorter barrels and 12- or eight-shot magazines, depending on the model, 1212 or 1208. All models of SRM shotguns are ambidextrous and can be swapped from right- to left-handed, including ejection, by reconfiguring its parts.

SRM, knowing that a good deal of their market will wear uniforms, has developed a new, yet-to-be-named model. This version, naturally, shoots full-auto.

We don’t care what we have to do to get a chance to send some lead downrange with one of these upcoming beauties. SRM Arms, feel free to use your imagination.

SRM shotguns don’t come cheap, which is our only possible fault. Be prepared to drop $2,400 ($200 for additional magazines) for the Model 1216, and $200 more for the tax stamp if you desire a 1212 or 1208. That being said, it is not possible for us to want a gun more than what we feel right now.

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