Dress Like a Super Spy: Bulletproof Polo Shirts

Designer Miguel Caballero has created a line of bulletproof polo shirts for the low price of $4,000, perfect for policemen and FBI agents on casual Fridays, or for people who want to pretend like they’re James Bond. Sports car with hidden machine guns sold separately.

These shirts feature a “Kevlar-based material that is integrated into the manufacturing process of our armored product,” giving it the flexibility of clothing and the bullet-stopping power of Kevlar. The one major difference is weight: these polo shirts weigh a hefty four pounds.

Don’t get bummed out if polo shirts aren’t really your thing. Caballero, who calls himself the “Armani of bulletproof clothing,” offers a wide array of other bulletproof items, such as blazers, raincoats, and dress shirts.

What’s so impressive about this clothing is that it doesn’t look all that bulky, like you might expect. If you saw somebody walking down the street wearing one of these articles of clothing you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance. Just check out the video clip to see how well these shirts actually work. New employees are required to don one of Caballero’s coats and take a bullet to the chest in what may be the world’s most terrifying orientation.

But be warned: don’t take your new suit and tie body armor to a gun fight. They’re only built to withstand small arms fire, and wouldn’t really hold up to well against heavy-hitting weapons, like AK-47s.

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