'Blood on Their Hands' Fast and Furious Documentary in the Works

Documentary filmmaker Michael McNulty, along with his production company Citizens Organization for Public Safety (COPS), is raising money to create a documentary about the Fast and Furious scandal entitled “Blood on Their Hands.”

Because the scandal hasn’t received a huge amount of coverage by the mainstream media, most American citizens don’t have a very good idea of what exactly went down before, during and after the scandal. And that’s something McNulty wants to change.

He told The New American that the movie is going to focus on one central question: “Why would the Attorney General of the United States (Eric Holder) give our money and assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels all in the name of the American people’s government?”

McNulty said he is afraid that these events mark a dangerous new trend in the abuse of government authority and it’s only getting worse. Holder’s unwillingness to fully cooperate implies further corruption at worse and callous stubbornness at best. Hopefully, the film will get to the heart of debate surrounding this terrible scandal.

He added in video used to raise money for the film, “When the American people know the truth, they’ll do the right thing.They’ll elect leaders who are honest and will tell the truth to the public because that’s their job: to tell the truth to the public. And the people charged with telling the truth are the media and they have failed miserably.”

To raise money McNulty and COPS launched a Kickstarter, a website that helps entrepreneurs and artists raise money for projects, and so far have raised more than $21,000. Their goal, however, is $398,500 and they have seven days left to reach it.

If and when the film is made it’s expected to be about two and a half hours long, and will show in select theaters.

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