Detroit Man Ward Off Gunman with Cup of Coffee (VIDEO)

A Detroit-area man foiled a robbery attempt with his morning cup of coffee by throwing the hot liquid in the gunman’s face.

Starting off most mornings, Tim Blair stops by his nearby 7-eleven for a scalding hot cup of vanilla bean coffee. Blair works an early shift, so he out the door before 3 am. On this particular day two men on bikes approached him after he left the store.

“He stopped directly in front of me and he asked me for my money,” Blair told WDIV News. “Now, I wasn’t sure if that’s what he said at first. I thought maybe he was asking me for directions.”

Then one of the men began to pull a gun out of his sweatshirt and yelled “Give me your money.” At that point, “The coffee I had in my hand, I just threw it on the man’s face and upper chest area to blind him at the very least,” he said.

While the would-be thief was disoriented and probably in a little bit of pain, Blair proceeded to run away back towards the 7-eleven and while he was en route Blair said he heard two gunshots go off.

Everything must’ve been moving pretty fast because when Blair got inside the store he had the clerk check his back to see if he had been shot. And then they dialed 9-1-1 while the two suspects took off.

Luckily Blair was able to retain his $7 and he was able to get another cup of coffee for free.

“If I didn’t have that coffee, things could have gone a lot differently,” said Blair and added, “I just didn’t feel like being a victim.”

I think there’s a clear moral to this story. Coffee is supposed to be hot, not cold you iced coffee drinkers. And always have some sort of reaction plan even if it is just throwing coffee in a bad guy’s face.

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Image credit: Connor Hill

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