Smith & Wesson Store Closes Doors After Four Convicts Illegaly Use its Shooting Range

A Massachusetts Smith & Wesson shooting range has been closed after the discovery that four convicts rented and fired weapons at the range.

As is the case time and time again, things are fine and dandy until something is even loosely related to a crime. The stand your ground law is under fire because of Trayvon Martin; eBay took down gun parts because the Virginia Tech shooter purchased stuff from the store; now, Smith and Wesson feels that they need to close down their gun range just because several convicts shot there. Maybe the McDonalds down the street where the four convicts ate should also close their doors.

The whole mess started when Manuel Lora and a few of his convict buddies falsified waivers stating that they’d never been convicted of a crime in order to gain access to the shooting range. A few months later, Lora shot and killed a 25-year-old with a gun similar to the one that he practiced with at the shooting range. So, Smith & Wesson closed its doors for a few weeks to figure out their next step.

Elizabeth Sharp, a spokesperson for Smith & Wesson, stated, “We recently made the business decision to temporarily close our Shooting Sports Center while we make changes to better align its purpose with our key business objectives as a firearm manufacturer.” That’s corporate code for, “we don’t want the media to blame us for something that isn’t really our fault so we’re going to have to put in more security measures to avoid this in the future.”

It’s certainly unfortunate that S&W gave convicts temporary access to rented handguns, but we’re not sure what they possible could have done differently unless they want to start implementing a waiting period and background check just to grant shooting range access.

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