Hornady Shows Off Their Super-Tough Critical Duty Bullets (VIDEO)

Hornady‘s new Critical Duty ammo went through the FBI penetration test and passed with flying colors. 

You wouldn’t think that bullet technology could really be that advanced, but the Critical Duty ammo can pierce some of the toughest materials while other bullets would shatter, be deflected, or get stuck a few inches in. What makes Critical Duty ammo stand out is that it has a ruggedized (we’re pretty sure they made that word up) “FlexLock design, a heavy InterLock band and Flex Tip technology.”

In laymen’s terms, all of that tech talk means that these features will “eliminate clogging and [aid] expansion” so that the bullet and the core remain joined for as long as possible. A sturdier bullet can keep its momentum longer and pierce through much thicker barriers.

To prove it, Hornady put the ammo through the very test that the FBI uses on all of its ammunition to ensure that their bullets can completely pierce through anything stupid enough to piss off the FBI. Critical Duty bullets penetrated deeply (often as far as 12 inches) into skin-like substances, heavy clothing, plywood, wallboard, sheet metal and glass.

So, to put it simply, you could fire one of these bullets at somebody taking cover behind a car door and there’s a pretty good chance that the bullet will go through the car door and still have enough power to pass through your target. Bad guys are going to have a hard time hiding when any cover they take will be about as effective at stopping bullets as a wet paper bag.

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