Man Finds Gun on the Job, Turns it In, Gets Fired (VIDEO)

A Detroit man who was two years away from retirement was fired after he turned a gun that he found on the job over to police. 

John Chevilott and his crew were just doing their job when one of them drove a mower over an abandoned snubnose revolver. Miraculously, the gun never went off and Chevilott was able to secure it before anybody got hurt. He decided to store the gun in his van and later drove the gun to a police station to turn it in. As it turns out, the gun was stolen from St. Clair Shores in 2005.

What did Chevilott get for being a good Samaritan? The police commended him for doing the right thing, and then he got a pink slip. Wayne County, Chevilott’s employer, has a policy against employees possessing a firearm while on the job. Chevilott’s foreman was also suspended for 30 days.

Thomas Richards, who represents county road workers at the Local 101 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said, “They did a good thing. They took a gun off the streets and they’re being punished.”

What should Chevilott have done instead? Leave it there and hope that nobody else found it until the police showed up? It’s a sticky situation, but Chevilott is not content to stand by and lose his job for good. His union has filed a grievance, and he intends to fight for his job. If you ask us, the county should hire him back–and with a raise. This guy sounds like a model employee. 

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