Accessorize! Sig Sauer Guns and Accessories Offering Half Price Rifle Bags

Sig Sauer Guns and Accessories is hosting a new deal, offering rifle Go-Bags at nearly half price.

The black Sig Sauer Go-Bag, priced at $69, is “the ultimate light weight range bag” and has enough compartments, pockets, and straps that you can store all the ammo you need, and still have enough room to include a week’s worth of beef jerky. The bag carries two rifles, and the strap layout allows users to carry it like a backpack or a duffel bag.

If you find that earth tones are more flattering for your figure, we suggest the tan Go-Bag. It’s got all the same cubby holes and features, but the tan color ups the price slightly to $79. The extra 10 bucks might be worth it, especially for the southwesterners out there who are going for a desert motif.

tan Sig Sauer Bag

As a gun hobbyist, it’s easy to get excited about gun and gun accessory deals. With guns costing many hundreds of dollars and the price of ammunition slowly whittling away at your bank account, owning guns can be really expensive. Deals like these will help you keep your gear up to date, all while saving up cash for that next assault rifle that you’ve been dreaming of.

Sig Sauer Guns and Accessories is owned and operated by Missouri’s Osage County Guns and specializes in selling SIG products.

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