Supreme Court Plaintiff Speaks to NAACP About Gun Rights

On May 17, Otis McDonald spoke at an Illinois NAACP office about the issues of gun rights. The chapter president invited Otis to speak because he felt it was important to let his fellow members hear both sides of the argument, especially considering that African Americans traditionally support guns less than whites do.

A lot of you probably won’t recognize Otis’ name, but he was the lead plaintiff in the McDonald vs Chicago US Supreme Court case. The Court ruled that the Second Amendment also applied to the states, because as Justice Samuel A. Alito put it, rights that are “fundamental to the Nation’s scheme of ordered liberty” must also apply to the states.

This case rose to the Supreme Court after Chicago citizens complained about the city’s strict anti-gun bans. A Chicago Tribune story holds that the NRA specifically chose McDonald to challenge the law. The NRA figured that sending in McDonald, a black Democrat with a love of guns, would rattle the courts up a bit and help to promote the type of change that the NRA was gunning for.

Their combined efforts worked, and together the NRA and McDonald secured a major victory for gun rights. Now a strong concealed carry advocate and representative for the gun rights movement, McDonald spoke to NAACP members about Illinois gun laws.

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